Wishlist December

Vinyl Record Player: Urban Outfitters    Trench Coat: Edited     Rain Boots: Oysho     Bag: A.P.C.


Stay In Credible

Last week J-A-N-I-S made a stop at beautiful city Nijmegen (which is said to be one of Netherlands oldest cities + a great place to study). The coolest place in town is Credible for sure: It's hotel, bar, restaurant and café - all wrapped under one roof. You can literally stay here all day and all night! Make sure to check this creative location whenever you're around!



Already more than one year (!) on steady repeat: Pop Collection by mysterious duo Kadebostany. Electro pop meets Balkanbeats meets female rap meets great lyrics...- the list could go and on. But not only the album is worth mentioning, also their live shows are quite an adventure!