Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone Lookbook Pre-A/ W 2015


November Music

The best way for J-A-N-I-S to defy cold weather? Besides wearing cold weather clothes and drinking lots of hot chocolate & tea, going to concerts is a wonderful way for me to escape the cold outside. And so it happened, that J-A-N-I-S went to a few concerts in November. One of them was Telekom Street Gigs - a great series of live concerts with special locations - featuring German sweetheart Clueso and Danish singer/songwriter Lasse Matthiessen. It was quite a special night, not only because it was the 50th birthday edition of Telekom Street Gigs and took place in an impressive baroque buidling near Hannover, but also because of those two talented singers! Lasse Matthiessen, who started the show, filled the whole place with a special kind of melancholy in his voice and songs. And Clueso proved once more, what a great and entertaining live musician he is! Check out some highlights here.
Second great happening in November: J-A-N-I-S finally got to see British singer, songwriter and guitar hero Ben Howard live (special thanks again to Inspired By Beatz). He presented his second album "I Forget Where We Were" in Munich and as expected, it was just wonderful. His opening act  Jack Garratt was also pretty stunning - I'm almost addicted to his "Worry"!

Pics: Press & J-A-N-I-S


Wishlist December

Vinyl Record Player: Urban Outfitters    Trench Coat: Edited     Rain Boots: Oysho     Bag: A.P.C.


Stay In Credible

Last week J-A-N-I-S made a stop at beautiful city Nijmegen (which is said to be one of Netherlands oldest cities + a great place to study). The coolest place in town is Credible for sure: It's hotel, bar, restaurant and café - all wrapped under one roof. You can literally stay here all day and all night! Make sure to check this creative location whenever you're around!



Already more than one year (!) on steady repeat: Pop Collection by mysterious duo Kadebostany. Electro pop meets Balkanbeats meets female rap meets great lyrics...- the list could go and on. But not only the album is worth mentioning, also their live shows are quite an adventure!



April77 Lookbook A/W 2014


Sweetest Song (s)

She already had me with her 'Sweet Talk' two years ago - now British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware is singing the 'Sweetest Song'. And I'm....totally into it...again!



Wishlist October

Bracelet: Stine A  Sweater: Won Hundred  Skirt: by Malene Birger  Eyeshadow Palette: Urban Decay 


Lucky Monday

Starting Monday morning with a great deal of  l u c k on my finger. Created by caï jewels, made of 925 sterling silver and colored - in my new favorite ring color - black, this simple but gorgeous ring will certainly be a everyday friend to wear. But for sure there's more than luck you need in life, so caï love (the young and fresh line by caï jewels) also put out a whole lot of  l o v e j o y  and  f u n -> check it out here.



Soul Im Hafen

One of the best festivals I've been to in a while, Soul im Hafen took place over the weekend. Along with 6000 other fans I got to see great performances by Mr. "I need a Dollar"- Aloe Blacc,  powerful Nigerian singer Nneka, smooth voice Fetsum, the always incredible Joss Stone and last but not least the mastablasta himself: Wyclef Jean. The beautiful harbor of Hamburg as a location was just the icing on the cake! And if you want to join this soulful event - same date, same place - next year, you can already get your early bird tickets here.


Friend Of Mine

Friend Of Mine Lookbook A/W 2014


Wishlist August

Daisy Fragrance: Marc Jacobs   Skater Dress: Eleven Paris  Rose Thorn Neckpiece: Maria Nilsdotter



Finally saw BANKS - one of  my favorite artists at the moment - live! She stopped by in Cologne two weeks ago and gave a great impression of her talents. All dressed in black with a very mysterious, almost ghostish behaviour, she enchanted the whole place right from the start. She played songs from her EP's London and Fall Over as well as new songs from her upcoming album Goddess


Shades Of Cool

    Lana did it again! 


Wishlist July

Lace Coat: H&M    Silver Wedges: Bimba & Lola    Bikini: Topshop    Sunnies: Maison Kitsuné



MLLE Mademoiselle

Mlle Mademoiselle Lookbook S/S 2014